More and more bankers are strangers

Bank employees are increasingly using credit portals to close their accounts

Image result for bank employeesWhere do bankers borrow money? At your own bank, you might think so. But how much longer? More and more bankers are closing their loans via loan portals. Data from the Smava credit portal show that bank lending rates have almost doubled in the last two years (95%). “That may come as a surprise, but it is very obvious,” says Alexander Artopé, CEO of Smava. “Bankers give away unwilling money. We help you to save money. ”


Bankers borrowed in 2017 an average of 18,759 euros

The most common uses of the loans made by bankers through in 2017 were: free use, rescheduling, housing, and auto. Least of all borrowed for the 18 to 24-year-olds (9,468 euros), most of the 45 to 54-year-olds (23,655 euros).


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“There are big interest rate differentials in the market. With loans totaling over € 10,000 and maturing over several years, they cause price differences of several hundred or even several thousand euros, “says Artopé. “Anyone who has to borrow money should not have to pay too much. We, therefore, help everyone to find the cheapest loan for him. ”


Bankers of all ages are increasingly banking on credit portals


The use of credit portals is not a matter of age. Across all age groups, almost twice as many bankers used Smava for a loan deal in 2017 as in 2015. Young bankers are putting particular emphasis on the credit portal. Among 18-24-year-olds, usage increased by 480 percent. At 112 percent, the group of 25 to34-year-olds follows. Among the 45 to 54-year-olds, use has almost doubled (93%). By 85 percent, the use has increased among the 35 to 44 year olds. With a 73 percent increase, the group of 55 to 64 year olds is no exception.


Trend goes to the conclusion of the loan on the Internet

Not only bankers realize the benefits of an online loan- Onlinetruckbuy. A GfK market study commissioned by the Bankenfachverband shows that in 2017, 27 percent of borrowers completed their loans on the Internet. That’s six percent more than in 2015. “More and more consumers are becoming aware that on the Internet, I get the same or even better performance on more favorable terms. So I benefit from the credit on the Internet, “says Artopé. “By 2018, more than 30 percent of the loans will be on the internet. In 2019, it will be almost 40 percent, “predicts Artopé.


How much is a move? You have to expect these costs

Image result for movingIf a move is imminent, many consumers are not only dreadful of the enormous amount of time they spend but often also of the question: “How much is a move?”

The cost of moving should be carefully calculated because whether you move or organize everything with a moving company, you need to take the money and finance the move.

What should not be forgotten in the calculation and at which points one or the other Euro can be saved, read here:

These removal costs should definitely be scheduled

What can cost a move, can not be answered flat rate, because the costs are individual and can vary greatly. Factors that play a role in the calculation are the size of the apartment, the size of the household and also the distance between the old and the new apartment.

You should pay attention to these points:

  • The deposit: A rental deposit must be paid in each apartment from the main tenant to the landlord. Even if you have already deposited a deposit with your old landlord and would like to “use it again”, costs can arise here. Firstly, the deposit in the new apartment might be higher, so it has to be paid on top of that, and second, there is a risk that the current landlord will retain part of the deposit.
  • The transport: Even if a moving company is waived, a conventional car is not sufficient to accomplish a move. Therefore, depending on the number of household contents, a rented sprinter or truck must be produced. For a small van about 60 to 100 euros per day, should be charged for a truck 120 to 200 euros per day.
  • The renovation: Before you can move into a new apartment, often in the old as well as in the new four walls are still going on some renovations. It may be “just” the painting over the walls, but also a more costly renovation. Calculate material costs and working hours here in order not to get into trouble financially or temporally.
  • New purchases: Especially when leaving the home or the student flat, there are numerous additional costs that are incurred when asking “What is the cost of a move?”. So remember, you may need to finance your kitchen and furniture.
  • The hidden removal costs: In this category, there are some factors that are usually not thought of when moving. These include not only the transfer fee of the car or the monthly GEZ costs but also current contracts: Take a few months before the planned move all ongoing contracts at hand and check them for their notice period. How to prevent double billing for electricity or the Internet.

How much is a move? Please note the following tips

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Since a move usually hits a bigger hole in the cash register than expected, one should consider in advance how and where to save costs. The most important thing here is the price comparison: Offers should not only be compared for the van or the removal company, but also for the new electricity or Internet provider. Do you want to take out a loan for your new home? Again, you can save money with an online loan comparison.

Furthermore, material costs can be saved by renouncing the purchase of new moving boxes. Often there are numerous unused boxes in the relatives and acquaintances, which can be borrowed. If this is not the case, used cartons are also often sold online for little money. So you can save relocation costs and also protect the environment.

The most well-known method of saving relocation costs is to seek the help of friends and relatives. Together, the move is made faster than you think and the cost of a professional moving company, which starts at around 300 euros per day, can be saved.

With a cool beer and a few snacks in between, keep the acquaintances happy and at the same time thank them for their efforts.

Reading tip: Also note No investment backlog with favorable credit: plan renovation in good time as well as advice on relocation credit. If you want to save money on relocation financing, look at the cheapest online loan via